WELCOME TO Canadian Coastal Virtual Airline

Welcome to Canadian Coastal Virtual Airline. We are a regional VA with Hubs at coastal locations throughout North America, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and South East Asia. We support FS9, FSX and X-Plane.

We have a varied fleet of regional and commuter aircraft backed up by "long haul" B737's, B757's. B767's and A310's to accomplish the objectives of our clients.

Canadian Coastal, through a sponsorship program now supports the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Our pilots fly, our partners donate to help keep these aircraft in the air and on task.

Fly as you please with Canadian Coastal. You can fly off line, online with FFS2PLAY , VATSIM or IVAO. The only rule here is that you must fly at least one flight per month.

You can fly our routes, Tours or your own flight. Join our FSE group for more fun and adventure. We host multiplayer group flights every Saturday using FFS2PLAY and our own Teamspeak Server. Sound like something you're interested in? Join in and give us a try.


Pilots 29
Aircraft in fleet 153
Routes 756
Total hours: 5944.34
Flights total 5871
Flights Regular 407
Flights Charter 5464
% Flights Regular 6.93 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
CCVA001Martin S  CYQQ  CAP3 2018-11-12 0.61
CCVA106Jerry R  CYYJ  CAP3 2018-11-12 0.59
CCVA105Giorgio T  CYXX  CAG8 2018-11-12 0.62
CCVA102Jim D  CYUL  CYQB 2018-11-12 0.50
CCVA022Lars D  KPHX  15AZ 2018-11-12 1.00


CCVA122-Roy B2018-11-11
CCVA121-James R2018-11-10
CCVA120-Louis M2018-10-30
CCVA119-Ed A2018-10-28
CCVA118-Gabriel M2018-10-13





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